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There's nothing in the world like the smell and taste of fresh, theater style hot buttered popcorn. Fun Time Popcorn Machines are the hit of every party. Entertain your friends and family, while making some of the most delicious popcorn imaginable. These beautiful classic style popcorn machines bring back the fun feel of ­yesteryear, back to a time when you could buy a bag of hot buttery popcorn for a nickel.

All Funtime machines feature a stainless-steel hot oil kettle with a built in stirring system. Flip-up lids allow the popcorn to come pouring out as it pops. Pull-out kernel catcher separates unpopped kernels from your popcorn as you scoop it. They offer an easy-to-clean design and is built to pop mountains of irresistible theater style popcorn!


A Great Vintage Look
The design has a vintage look of vending carts from movie houses and carnivals from the early 1900s. Each cart features a red powder coat finish, gold trays, and 18" gold anodized wheels. Below is a cabinet with room to store popcorn accessories. A Black/Silver design is also available.


It's All About the Kettle
Extra large 8oz stainless steel hot oil kettle that heats up quickly and disperses heat evenly to maximize the amount of kernels popped. It's also equipped with a free-moving lid assembly so popped corn easily exits the kettle on its own. The kettle detaches from the popper and its stainless steel construction makes it easy to clean and maintain.


Keep Your Popcorn Warm
A built-in warming light keeps your popcorn hot and fresh from above while the warming deck keeps your popcorn hot and fresh from below. Your popcorn will stay delicious for hours after you've popped it.


  • Detachable Stainless Steel Hot Oil Kettle
  • Safety Tempered Side Glass Panels
  • Built-in Warmer Light
  • Built-in Heating Deck Keeps Popcorn Hot Long After it's Been Popped
  • Unpopped Kernel / Old Maid Drawer Catches Unpopped Kernels
  • Quality All Metal Construction
  • 18" Gold Anodized Wheels
  • Handy Storage Compartment in the Base of the Cart
  • Stands Over 5ft. Tall
  • Available in Red or Black
  • Dimensions: 61"h X 18"w X 30"d